Bringing Common Sense To Solve Real Issues

Fighting Inflation

addressing our quality of life

As a father, Greg knows families need to keep their hard-earned money. As our Representative, Greg will vote NO on bills that raise the cost of gas, groceries and housing. He supports lowering property and gas taxes, and will oppose freeway tolls.

Creating Local Jobs

It's about local businesses and a strong workforce

As a small business owner, Greg believes building strong local businesses and a workforce pipeline from our K-12 and Community Colleges is critical to Clark County’s future. He’ll work to pass bills that connect our education system to local jobs.

Funding Police & Mental Health

Common Sense Priorities

As an attorney, Greg understands rising crime won’t stop without real investments into our police, addiction treatment and mental health. He’ll vote to fully fund law enforcement budgets and make robust investments into mental health.

League of Women Voters Primary Candidate Forum 6/16/22

See Greg’s stand on the issues, in contrast to his competitors

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